Speaking Engagements

A dynamic, engaging presenter who utilises simple analogies and storytelling to make even complicated concepts easy to understand. Presentations can be tailored to suit the client’s target market and key message. Most importantly, participants are provided with actions that can be immediately implemented to ensure real, measurable outcomes.

Corporate Event

The ‘secret’

Rob uses real-life examples from his 20+ years in the health and high performance environment to illustrate the power of mindset.

With his ability to blend humour and storytelling, Rob reveals what key traits the most successful athletes in Australian sport share in common and how you can apply these same principles to create success in any setting.


Performance Ageing

Learn the underlying concept of performance ageing as Rob breaks down the building blocks of function, exercise, nutrition, recovery and wellbeing into actionable takeaways for your daily life.

Why? To help you achieve the best level of performance, now and into the future.

Sporting Organisation

Shortcut to Success

The list of athletes Rob has worked with reads like an AFL/NRL all-star camp- including Riewoldt, Slater, Hayes, Cronk, Goddard, Smith, Dal Santo, Inglis, Gawn, Folau, Oliver, Pearce, Hickey, Brennan and many more.

Hear first-hand accounts and inside stories which demonstrate time and time again, that success is a choice.